pixelmon mod

به نام خدا

من امیرصالح هستم این اولین مطلبمه اومدم با مود پوکمون گو یا پیکسلمان

این مود دارای

  • Add new camera system for battles
  • Add new command “pokegive”
  • 91 pokemon
  • Modifies NO base files (Meaning it should work with any mod)
  • Configuration file to change spawning amounts, Block and item ID’s
  • Comprehensive attack system featuring over 500 attacks (including status effects and stats modifiers)
  • Pokemon overlay showing current pokemon and their status
  • Functioning pokedex
  • Multiplayer supported! (no bukkit)
  • Full PC storage system!
  • New Healing block!
  • Evolution stones!
  • New Capturing system!
  • Brand new models for pc and healer
  • 3D pokeball and capture animation (now improved)
  • All Mob’s to scale as specified by the bulbapedia
  • Battleable Trainers
  • Aggression system
  • Friendship System (Umbreon will evolve with it)!
  • Hammer and anvil crafting system for pokeballs!
  • Pokeballs now work in battle!
  • Apricorn trees
  • More Pokeballs: Heavy Ball, Level Ball, Love Ball, Moon Ball and Friend Ball
  • اینم از دارایی هاش
  • 157 تا واژه اووووف
  • و حالا عکس ها
  • Pixelmon Modپیکا چو با گنده
  • pixelmon-mod-1این بود که اژدها ها منقرض شدن بدبختا
  • اول از همه راه حل ریختن این مود این جوریه
  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Go to start menu and then “run”
  • Type “%appdata%”
  • Then “roaming files” if you’re not already there
  • Find “.minecraft” folder
  • Then “bin” folder
  • Then open “minecraft.jar” with winzip
  • Extract your mod here
  • Delete META-INF
  • Done!
  • و حالا لینک های برای 1.5.2  1.6.2 1.6.4  1.7.2 1.7.10 1.8 1.8.9

http://www.mediafire.com/download/7848c1yj8bj583e/Pixelmon_2.2_Install.zip برای 1.5.2

http://www.mediafire.com/download/hl1xbq3yja9odjb/Pixelmon+2.3+install.zip برای 1.6.2

http://mirror5.pixelmongaming.com/download/Pixelmon%203.0.4.zip برای 1.6.4

http://www.mediafire.com/download/i6pdfa2ta51i436/Pixelmon-1.7.2-3.1.4-universal.jarبرای 1.7.2

http://www.mediafire.com/download/h9e40za1bvdiped/Pixelmon-1.7.10-3.2.9-universal.jar برای 1.7.10

http://bit.ly/1GTduDR برای 1.8

Pixelmon-1.8.9-4.2.2-universal.jar برای 1.8.9

244 واژه اوووف

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